I was able to trust that the precious and personal details of my family’s travails were in the best of hands.

Joyce Bloom

New York, New York

August 2021

Abby Huber

ATA-Certified Translator, German into English (US)

Translator, Spanish into English (US)

Handwritten & Historical German Documents

  • Older German handwriting

  • Genealogy

  • German Jewish emigration

  • Nazi persecution and the Holocaust



Medical Translation

Spanish Community Interpreting


My Services

Medical Translation

(Spanish and German to English)

My areas of expertise include clinical texts such as:
• Clinical trials & oversight
• User interfaces (UI)
• Medical journal articles


My high professional standard means:
• Staying up-to-date on specialized medical terminology
• Proficiency with CAT tools and the latest software
• Continuing education and training through ATA and specialized industry programming

Skilled at reading older German handwriting styles, including Kurrent, I help families and organizations unlock the door to the past by translating 1930s and 40s personal correspondence and official documents from German to English, with sensitivity to and respect for Jewish history. Personal letters and administrative paperworkcontain crucial details on Jewish families’ personal experiences and must urgent concerns during the Nazi rise to power, Nazi persecution of the Jews, and the Holocaust. My strong background in history (BA in European History, MA in International Literatures) aids me in unlocking the specific histories contained in your family or organization’s documents.


I provide Spanish-English interpreting services for medical and community settings. With a Professional Certificate in Spanish Community Interpreting (Medical) from MIIS (Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey), I am trained in the standards of practice and codes of ethics relevant to this important role and experienced in accurately and reliably conveying the message, tone, and register for all parties.



Joyce Bloom

New York, NY

"From 1914 to 1922 my grandfather received letters from various family members that he saved and finally gave to me.  More than 100 years later Abby translated the letters, including more than ten different handwritings, from German to English.  She walked with me and my ancestors through WW1 and beyond with compassion, integrity, and real personal investment.  Her translator’s notes often added context and clarification to the text.  Her research and attention to detail was admirable.  More than anything else, I appreciate Abby’s communication style.  Because she was so communicative, I was able to trust that the precious and personal details of my family’s travails were in the best of hands.  I highly recommend Abby Huber."


About Me

Professional translator into English since 2013, specializing in historical and handwritten German documents. ATA-certified for German-to-English translation. Spanish-English translator and community interpreter. 


Please email or call me with questions at abigail.huber [@] gmail.com or +1 401 830 3250, or request a quote.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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