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- Portfolio of Selected Translations -

1862 letter for My Postal History.png

History unveiled: The story behind this German letter from  a Union soldier in 1862

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"Thanks so much for your package, which I was eagerly awaiting. I am particularly pleased with the cap."


All source documents and translation samples are used with permission.

Editing help from Penina Scher, Björn Schultz, Nina Warnke, and others.

Portfolio Collection: Marina Heintze’s family letters

Text: Handwritten letters and postcards from Vienna and Budapest to Washington, DC.

Written in years:  1939-1944

Date of translation: 2023

Marina Heintze writes:

It is a miracle that I discovered my ancestor's letters from 1939-1944 which somehow made it out of Budapest & Vienna to the USA to my nana (who was able to escape and come to America), even though most of my family did not survive. Their written word did. [...] These translated letters are the only connection I have with those who perished! I am extremely grateful that I can learn a little bit more about my family's story and finally hear their voices in pen-to-paper form.

Vienna and Budapest, 1939-1944. 

Letters to Lilly Heintze in Washington, DC.

Handwritten German letters:

English translations of the letters above:

Portfolio Item: Valeriu Marcu manuscript translation

Text: Typewritten and manually marked-up manuscript by writer Valeriu Marcu in which he remembers World War I socialist resistance efforts in Zurich, wartime Paris, Leon Trotsky, and Petrograd, Russia, in 1916, writing decades later. 66 pages of excerpts translated for academic research, with editing by translator Penina Scher.

Translated for: Prof. Eugene R. Sheppard, Associate Professor of Modern Jewish History and Thought, Brandeis University

Written in year:  ca. 1940

Date of translation: 2022

Manuscript from ca. 1940 by Valeriu Marcu, in German.

Excerpts from typewritten German manuscript:

Excerpts from English translation (corresponding to the German excerpts above):