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Below are selections from my English translations of German texts, primarily from the 1930s and '40s and relating to German Jewish history. 

All source documents and translation samples are used with permission.

Editing help from Penina Scher.

Portfolio Collection: Correspondence and documents for

Dr. Shulamit Reinharz's forthcoming book, 

A Memoir in Four Hands.

Texts: German-language letters, first-hand accounts, certificates, and affidavits from the 1930s and 1940s, written or received by the late Max Rothschild. The letters were written in the Netherlands, Germany, Palestine/Israel, and Massachusetts.

Purpose: To aid a research scholar

Date of translation: 2018-2020

Born in Gunzenhausen, Germany in 1921, Max Rothschild fled to the Netherlands after Kristallnacht and his subsequent imprisonment in the Buchenwald concentration camp. After the German invasion of Holland, Max Rothschild became an underdoiker (Dutch, person in hiding). After the Allied liberation of Holland, he married Ilse Strauß. In 1947, after enduring the US Consul's unsympathetic bureaucratic procedures, the couple reunited with Max's parents and sisters in Malden, Massachusetts. With the founding of the State of Israel in 1948, Max and Ilse moved there for one year. The couple were two of the very few Dutch Jews to survive. The Netherlands had the worst Jewish survival rate in Western Europe.

Many thanks to Dr. Shulamit Reinharz, Professor Emerita, Brandeis University, for granting me permission to include her family's letters in my portfolio. Her father's memoir, written in English, and the 125 German letters that I translated are the basis for her forthcoming book, A Memoir in Four Hands. To learn more about her work, contact her at reinharz@brandeis.edu.

Mainz, Germany. July 29, 1937.

Max Rothschild, age 16, to his family in Munich.

German original (with a little Hebrew):

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English translation:

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Borne, The Netherlands. September 22, 1940.

Max Rothschild, age 19, writing to his family:

German original (excerpt):

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English translation (excerpt):

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Munich, Germany. April 10, 1941.

Affidavit for Max Rothschild from Josef Schaeler.

German original:

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English translation:

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Portfolio Collection: Correspondence related to Dr. Norbert Jokl (1877-1942), Austrian Jewish Albanologist and Oberstaatsbibliothekar [Senior National Librarian]

Texts: Official correspondence among professionals and Nazi Party officials relating to Dr. Norbert Jokl's removal from his research position at the University of Vienna and his deportation and death in 1942

Purpose: To aid a private client

Date of translation: 2018

Dr. Norbert Jokl (1877-1942) was a prominent Austrian Jewish scholar of the Albanian language who worked at the University of Vienna and the Vienna University Library. He was removed from his position and forced into retirement in 1938. His attempts to relocate himself and his Albanology library to Albania were futile, and he was interned in the concentration camp Maly Trostinec, near Vienna, in the spring of 1942. It is not certain whether he was killed or committed suicide. 

German original:

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English translation:

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