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Handwritten and Historical German Documents

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I specialize in the translation of handwritten German texts into English (US). My skills in reading older German handwriting styles, including Kurrent, allow me to read and translate all types of handwritten documents.

My work

I help families and organizations unlock the door to the past by translating personal correspondence and official documents from German to English, with sensitivity to and respect for Jewish history. Personal letters and administrative paperwork contain crucial details on Jewish families’ personal experiences and most urgent concerns during the Nazi rise to power, Nazi persecution of the Jews, and the Holocaust. My strong background in European history (BA in European History, MA in International Literatures) aids me in unlocking the specific histories contained in your family or organization’s documents, such as:

• Personal correspondence
• Official forms and records 
• Family documents related to the Holocaust or emigration from Europe 

My work includes:
• Deciphering older German handwriting styles (including Kurrent)
• Decoding administrative abbreviations and stamps
• Researching official terminology and bureaucratic language
• Sensitivity and respect for Jewish history
• Respect for confidentiality and privacy

The process

I consult with my translation customers at every step of the process to ensure that I handle their documents with care, return or delete originals as requested, and provide a translation in the format that is most convenient for them – or even in hard copy. Speaking on the phone to establish your goals and preferences and answer any questions you may have is an important first step.

“I have only positive things to say about Abby Huber's work. The writing of my forthcoming book, A Memoir in Four Hands, required the services of a talented translator for over 125 documents, many of them old, handwritten letters. Ms. Abby Huber has all the qualities you want in a translator: Thoroughness, dedication to excellence, efficiency, a good English writing style, and a commitment to handling the documents themselves with care. Abby went above and beyond. She brought in a German handwriting specialist to assist with some of the old script. And she showed sincere interest in the subject matter.  Her prices were reasonable and her personality charming. I give her a 5-star review.


Shulamit Reinharz, Ph.D., Professor Emerita, Brandeis University

September 2020

Image of letter from Max Rothschild, January 12, 1946, Amsterdam

From Dr. Shulamit Reinharz's family letters

To explore some of my past work, please visit my portfolio.

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