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The Math of Charging Enough - And More Than Enough

A two-hour interactive workshop with other self-employed professionals and freelancers

September 15, 2020

11 AM to 1:15 PM (ET) /

8 to 10:15 AM (PT)

Are you a self-employed professional

or freelancer? (Translator, editor, interpreter, writer, designer, instructor...)


Do you care about getting paid


Do you ever receive checks that don't quite seem to reflect the value of your work?


Do you find yourself wondering if you are setting the right rates for yourself?

We'll be looking at worksheets and models for calculating our rates in a math-based, goal-oriented way.

join us!

Join us for a 2-hour interactive workshop, including breakout group discussions and a Q&A, to:


  • Plan for vacation and sick time — and weekends

  • Look at yearly earnings targets based on different life scenarios

  • Use hourly calculations to balance our work and life, even if we price our work per word or per project (This includes translators and editors!)

  • Make math-based choices about when and how we work and the schedules we set

  • Talk through our own real-life experiences

We will cover:

  • Pricing options: Hourly, per word, project-based, value-based — And how to account for technological innovation in our industries

  • Knowing our minimum, mid-range, and ideal rates

  • Calculating our per-word or project rates using hourly calculations that reflect our lives

  • Why to focus on marketing to new clients
  • Why pricing varies by client and by project

  • "Good things come to those who wait": Fielding inquiries ranging from "great new client" to "scam"

  • Those 9 "no's" before that 1 "yes"

  • Communicating up front to build positive client relationships

And a bonus tip...  

Why not to lower your rates for good causes (and what you can do instead).

Registration includes:  

Homework assignment to be completed in advance  |  Worksheets  |  Useful slides |  Free 1:1 follow-up consultation

Register below

September 15, 2020, 11 AM to 1:15 PM (ET) / 8 to 10:15 AM (PT) **Workshop will not be recorded**

11:00    Part I: The Math
11:50    Breakout discussions
12:05   Short break
12:10    Part II: The Mindset (Valuing ourselves and communicating proactively with clients)
1:00      Breakout discussions

1:15       End (Additional questions can be asked in a free 1:1 consultation, by appointment)



$75 - Normal Price

Please inquire if exceptional circumstances may merit a discount.

Payment via credit card (Square) or PayPal.

Register below 

About the workshop leader
Abby Huber is a freelance translator who loves what she does and also loves up-front, proactive communication about what we need and want. She translates German into English (with ATA certification) and Spanish into English, provides spoken interpreting, and is also able to dedicate a few hours a week to volunteering and environmental activism.


Questions? Email me (Abby) at or just call me at 401-830-3250.

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